Our Databases- Overview

Since 1989 [pharmazie.com] offers comprehensive information on medication for medical and pharmaceutical experts in at the time 35 databases. Some of these databases are free of a license and costs, others require a license. The tool Eisbergsuche or the global search permit a simultaneous access to all databases at once.

databases that require a license

Please note

The basic range of databases is available free of charge to medical and pharmaceutical experts. In case that you have a registered DocCheck password, you may use this to enter the basic databases, also without charge. If you don’t have a DocCheck password, feel free to sign in at [pharmazie.com]

The databases that require a license are set free with an assigned password after registration and concession. Entering your password you may then proceed to your personal selection of databases, which is shown by a traffic light circuit: the databases for your use are set up with a green light. 

For your safety
due to our cooperation with first class data suppliers, we proudly guarantee for  the quality and up-to-dateness the data you receive. Furthermore, the global index allows access to all databases which can be activated from one single integrative user interface.