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Open Close DB Drug Pricing Germany (ABDA) (2261)

This database includes all economic data (such as prices, price history, price comparison, size of packages, registered numbers for ordering). It is an efficient pricing tool that helps pharma companies develop and manage ongoing pricing and reimbursement strategies

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Open Close DB ABDA-database: Recent News (1)  lizenzfrei 

Releases from ABDATA, AMK (the German Drug Commission), BfArM (the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices), RKI (Robert Koch Institute) as well as information on changes in drug prices, new products and food supplements.

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Open Close DB ABDA-database: German SmPC Drug Dictionary (1176)

All the important details on 55,000+ German drugs and generics (SmPC, Leaflet, ATC)

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Open Close DB German Drug Dictionary GELBE LISTE PHARMINDEX MMI (ATC Drug Dictionary) (43)

This database contains information about German drugs, homeopathic and biological remedies stored in the Gelbe Liste Pharmindex Database

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Open Close DB ABDA-Database: Internationally Authorised Medicinal Products (1391)

All the important details on 120,000 international drugs and generics

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Open Close DB Swiss Drug Dictionary PHARMINDEX HCI (ATC Drug Dictionary) (121)

The Swiss Pharmaindex contains all drugs commonly authorised for the Swiss health system

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Open Close DB Austrian Drug Dictionary AUSTRIA CODEX (ATC Drug Dictionary) (290)

Information system for specialties (SIS) information about all medicines registered in Austria

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Open Close DB ABDA-database: Archives, Deleted German Drugs (321)

archiv data backup of all German medicines discharged from the ABDA database since Nov. 2003

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Open Close DB DACON: Nutrition Information (1)  lizenzfrei 

Nutrition tipps for certain risk factors (such as high blood pressure) with suggestions for further reading

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